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  • Lee Parnell

Year in Recap

It is this time of the year when we all look back at what has gone on over the past 12 months – we hope it has been getting better for you all since the dark lockdown days of early 2021.

We at Preston Technical have seen a significant turnaround in 2021 overall compared to the challenges of 2020 despite other challenges that have emerged – especially in UK supply chain difficulties

We have had a successful year in terms of meeting an aggressive “bounce-back” company budget and we would want to sincerely thank every one of our customers for helping us to achieve that!

Particular milestones that we have achieved are firstly the full roll out of our innovative TabTech® product which has been so well received by our customers and which has culminated in us getting patent grants from the UK and EU patent offices. This has provided a super foundation for business development in wider markets and geographies for 2022.

The financial progress that we achieved in 2021 has helped to enable us to invest heavily in new production equipment necessary for us to meet the planned future growth projections in 2022. We are now in the process of installing and final commissioning that equipment in the final few months of 2021. This investment will help us to meet our primary objective of making our customers more competitive in the coming year.

These kinds of milestone achievements can only be achieved by the full commitment to and flawless execution of our plans – and this is testimony to the brilliant staff that we have at Preston Technical – who are always focused on how we can all do better in everything that we do!

We see a much brighter picture for UK manufacturing industry in 2022 despite the ongoing supply chain challenges – and watch this space for yet more innovative solutions from us going forward!

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