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  • Lee Parnell

WHY DO you do what you do?

There are literally thousands of company posts every day on social media extolling the virtues of Product A over Product B or that their service is quicker, better, cheaper……!!

But really…. is that it? Why do people make the decision to buy from a company and then keep buying from them to achieve that ideal state of gaining precious “brand loyalty”.

I was very struck by Simon Sinek’s book – Start with Why – which asserts that people who create and run a company most successfully are those who have an inner belief in what they are doing – “Products with a clear sense of WHY give people a way to tell the outside world who they are and what they believe. Remember, people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. If a company does not have a clear sense of WHY then it is impossible for the outside world to perceive anything more than WHAT the company does. And when that happens, manipulations that rely on pushing price, features, service or quality become the primary currency of differentiation.”

When I took over Preston Technical as Managing Director in 2009 one important distinction was crystal clear to me. The WHY we are in business pervades everything we do – our products, our services, how we talk to people, how we treat people, and most importantly…. the WHY….. we simply want to make our customers more successful in what they do!

Since that time our WHY has become core to our Mission and that the Values that we hold in operating our company.

We are passionate about solving our customer’s manufacturing problems and design challenges. We want to be renowned and recognised as being the innovative company we are and our Mission and Vision statements reflect that.

This is backed up with the Values that we operate uniformly and hold dear across the whole of the Preston Technical organisation. We live by them, operate by them and they are endorsed by all our people.

I think the buying landscape will change as a result of the pandemic. People want to know what people stand for and why they are in business. It is not about the WHAT or HOW so much now – these are the means to bring the WHY to market.

I personally want to see Preston Technical make our customers better at what they do – day to day. Specifically, I want to see Preston Technical lead the charge of manufacturing innovation for British industry in our challenging new world post pandemic and Brexit.

Take a look at and see how we can help you do that!…………………Do you agree?

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