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Introducing TabTech® – The Revolutionary Way to Manufacture Double-Coated Foam Tapes

Preston Technical, a company known for its innovative solutions, has done it again with the development of TabTech®, a new product that allows for the precise manufacturing of specific die-cut lengths of double-coated foam tapes in a unique roll form. TabTech® also incorporates a new method of enabling the foam tape release liner to be removed as an operator assembly aid, resulting in significant cost savings in the manufacturing process.

With the increasing use of double-sided tapes in the automotive component manufacturing industry, there is a growing need for narrow-dimension tape parts that can be produced accurately and efficiently. TabTech® is the answer to this need, as it enables the production of long-length narrow tape parts with an easy-peel liner tab incorporated into the tape part.

One of the key benefits of TabTech® is that it provides both securities of fixing and helps to reduce weight, which is especially important in the automotive industry. TabTech® can be used for fixing exterior and interior trim parts to the vehicle, providing a strong, reliable bond that is essential for ensuring the safety of the vehicle.

Another advantage of TabTech® is that it enables cost savings to be achieved in the manufacturing process. By using TabTech®, companies can avoid the need for expensive equipment or tooling, which can be a significant expense in the manufacturing process. This means that companies can produce high-quality tape parts at a lower cost, which is especially important in today's highly competitive business environment.

TabTech® is also very easy to use. The easy-peel liner tab incorporated into the tape part makes it simple for operators to remove the release liner, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. With TabTech®, operators can easily remove the release liner, making the assembly process faster and more efficient.

In conclusion, TabTech® is a revolutionary new product that has the potential to transform the way that double-coated foam tapes are manufactured. With its unique roll form and easy-peel liner tab, TabTech® enables the precise production of narrow-dimension tape parts, resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiency. Whether you are in the automotive industry or any other industry that requires the use of double-sided tapes, TabTech® is the ideal solution for all your tape manufacturing needs.

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