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  • Derek Prince

What Makes Us Different

At the core of everything we do – our WHY – is the single aim to solve customer “pain points” in the fastest, easiest and cost effective way possible!

Nobody else has Preston either!! – Preston’s sole aim is to come up with ways to relieve those customer’s design and process pain points!

In all seriousness…. Preston Technical are a 3M Preferred Converter for their products in the UK – this is an accreditation not easily attained!

But…… we are different because we are so customer focused, and highly experienced in operating in diverse demanding customer markets such as Automotive OEM, Aerospace to FMCG

We can provide a full design to production from CAD, through rapid protoyping, to full scale production, utilising a team of experienced internal and external technical sales personnel.

We also can carry out any needed outsourcing operations for our customers e.g. sub contract manufacturing, kitting etc

We also have a successful track record of bringing new converting product innovation to market such as TabTechTM and Duo Mask® in recent years…..these are products which have had a great impact at our customers!

Our WHY sets us apart from our competitors!

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